Why should I hire you? Because my qualifications and passion for my profession guarantee quality and optimum results.

Do you have the proper qualifications to perform as a translator? Yes. All our translators have been carefully selected, making sure they've got the experience, education, and required tools to provide you with outstanding results. The founder is a trilingual translator raised in Latin America with a Master’s Degree in Spanish Translation & Interpreting, a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish with a minor in French, and an Associate’s Degree in Spanish Translation. All of them from the University of Texas at Brownsville. She finished an IMIA-approved online 50-hr training course in Medical Interpreting from Hereditates and she's currently taking an online orientation course (Court Interpreting 101) with Interpretrain in order to further take the state court interpreting exam.

What’s the difference between a translator and an interpreter? A translator converts one language into another one in a written form, while an interpreter does it orally.

Are you an agency or a sole small business owner? I’m a sole proprietor.

What does “Tradubeledi” stands for? It’s a composed name. “Tradu” stands for “traducción” (Spanish), “traduction” (French), or “traduzione” (Italian), which mean “translation” in English. As for “beledi”, this term stands for an adjective in Arabic that refers to something "local" and "traditional". The fact of embracing other cultures and being a bridge for a gap of linguistic differences has made me opt for this combination. As a translator, my mission is to convey a message to and for the people accurately with ethics, respect, cultural sensitivity, sense of responsibility, and due diligence. 

Have you studied abroad? Yes. I studied in Mexico (my hometown), United States (migratory circumstances), Spain (exchange and faculty-led student), and France (faculty-led student).

How many languages do you work with? English, Spanish, and French. To be more specific, I translate from English into Spanish, Spanish into English, French into Spanish, and French into English (this latter one is limited to certain topics and areas of expertise).

Why should I hire you if I can use any machine translation found online? You may not only lose a business, delay a process, or be objects of laughs, but you would unconsciously damage a language by contributing to the usage of a non-proper language. For more information, read my article Why a Translator? 

Why should my business or organization invest in translation? Bad quality translations speak bad about your company. Read my article Why a Translator? 

I’m a realtor/attorney and one of my customers has a property in Mexico. I asked my secretary to use a machine translation to translate all his documents. Can you certify them? ABSOLUTELY NOT. You may delay a very important process, lose that customer, or even face a lawsuit if you don’t take it seriously. It would be against my ethics to certify something that would totally need a re-translation.

What are your rates? My rates may vary according to the degree of difficulty, specialization, and deadline. Please feel free to request a non-estimation quote.

What payment forms do you offer? Cash, check, PayPal, and direct deposit (Wellsfargo Bank).

Do you accept credit cards? Not yet, but I’m working on activating said payment form. I’ll keep you au courant.

How long does it take you to translate a document? Depending on the length, grade of difficulty, and my current queue of projects.

What are other supplementary charges you apply? I apply additional charges in the following circumstances:

  • Rush projects
  • Poorly legible legal, commercial, or personal documents.
  • Poorly audible media.
  • Priority work outside of my business hours.

Why does my website needs to be translated in more than one language? Immigration, tourism, and businesses are in constant global demand by individuals coming from abroad. In order to be a bridge to that cultural and language gap, hiring a language professional can be a great investment. Why? Because it’s the best way to assure that those needs are absolutely understood by those prospect (or current) customers of your business. Read Ms. Dorota Pawlak's article about the importance of having a website translated in more than one language. Believe me, it is worth it!

Do you translate legal documents into Spanish or French? Legal documents are another case. At the moment, due to jurisdictional reasons, legal documents are only translated into English (and into Spanish, in certain cases) and here in the US. If you need your legal personal documents translated into Spanish or French, you should consult with a sworn language professional authorized by your target country or contact your nearest Secretary of State for more information on translation and apostille requirements. Feel free to request more information as I have a network of colleagues that can help. Drop me a line and I will be more than happy to help!

Do you grant apostilles? Only federal entities such your local Secretary of State are authorized to grant apostilles. Check out the Texas Secretary of State or your state's SofS website for more information. 

I'd love to hire your services, but I'm worried about my private information. You’re in good hands. Confidentiality is part of my professional ethics.

Do you do pro-bono translations? Yes. I provide pro-bono translations ONLY for NGOs and pet rescues. Please get in touch for more information or if you have any question.

Do you revalidate foreign degrees and report cards? No. Tradubeledi Translations doesn't offer credential evaluations nor degree validation services. You need to contact an accredited and authorized agency specialized in foreign education assessment and credential evaluation services.

Do you provide legal advice? No. You need to contact an attorney specialized in the field in question (ex. Immigration). You can find a local attorney at Avvo webpage.

Do you provide consular advice? No. In that case, you must contact the embassy, consulate, or department of foreign affairs of the country of interest.

Do you provide notarization services? Yes and No. I am not a notary, but I have an extensive network of notaries in Texas. So I provide notarization services upon request.

What is localization? This concept has two meanings, depending on the context and area of expertise. One consists in adapting a text to a target audience (ex. Mexican Spanish) for cultural and comprehension purposes. The other consists in translating websites, video games, and software, but the use of technology, advanced softwares, and special features are required.

What is transcreation? The process of adapting marketing texts and advertising content from one language into another one by applying creativity and precision. This is done in order to transcend boundaries, cultures, and languages by creating (and maintaining) the same effect as the original one.

Who's the bird in the homepage? As a person who cares about the environment and the well-being of animals, I decided to adopt a beautiful cockatiel that is now serving as my company's mascot. Her name is Brunita and she's funny, loving, capricious, and a great companion. Check out her website for more information.

My question does not appear in the FAQ section. If you have urgent questions that we may include for future reference, please  fill out my contact form. Your name remains anonymous and confidential. I will reply within 24-48 hours.