Many companies and individuals operate under the assumption that a translator is unnecessary. So, when was the last time you let an engineer be your doctor? We wouldn’t either! There are many good reasons why it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

Bilingual vs. Translator

A bilingual individual speaks two languages fluently, but a qualified linguist is a bilingual (or trilingual) professional who not only knows the languages, but understands linguistic and cultural differences and knows how to "dissect them" by applying analytical and research skills.


Businesses are increasingly becoming more globalized with the passing of days. As a matter of fact, expanding a business globally faces significant challenges such as language barriers and cultural matters when targeting a specific region of the world. We are aware that English is the lingua franca of our society, but there are certain customers who would have a better comprehension into their mother tongues. So, hiring a language professional (translator or interpreter) can be the best way to translate documents or to interpret meetings and negotiations in an efficient and accurate manner.

Human translations vs. Machine translation

It is important to have a great understanding of their difference. A human translation is performed with due diligence, analytical skills, and cultural knowledge in order to join two cultural gaps between languages. Machine translation programs are designed to operate on a word-for-word basis, giving a chaotic and inaccurate result as real meanings are truly lost. A machine will never be able to think and accurately translate idiomatic expressions, colloquial language, technical terminology of high level of difficulty, and polysemic terms (that is to say, words or terms that have multiple meanings).

Comprehension and understanding

As mentioned above, translators have a sense of cultural differences and analytical skills. The duty of a translator not only consists in translating documents or long term projects, but proofreading and polishing the text as much as possible in order to avoid critical errors. Your investment will certainly be worthwhile!

If you are trying to save time and money when translating a document, hiring a professional translator is your best bet. Don't become part of the long list of individuals and companies who have lost business or delayed a legal process just because they believed a translator was unnecessary and sent the wrong message. Don’t hesitate to contact us!  You will be glad you did!

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